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About Us

Better Deals Africa is an online platform on which users can either Buy or Sell products within their country. Sellers can display their products on Better Deals Africa, using pictures to advertise their products to millions of customers within their country. Each Seller has his/her own store on our platform. If you wish to sell products but do not have a registered business name, you can sell using your Full name instead. In this way, Better Deals Africa provides an opportunity for ANYBODY to sell items and earn great profits without hassle. 

In this modern era, technology has brought comfort to us and Better Deals Africa is now bringing comfort to you by allowing you to sell your products from the comfort of your own home! Simply upload pictures of the products you wish to sell and attach a brief  accurate description, and your products will be advertised to millions of customers on Better Deals Africa. Customers wishing to purchase your items can do so immediately using their preferred method of payment. Payment options offered to buyers include Visa, MasterCard, SolvePay and Cash on Delivery (optional).  

Selling online allows you to make connections and advance your entrepreneurship goals. The online selling platform Betterdealsafrica.com, provides you with EVERYTHING you need to either start or grow your business into a successful blooming empire, all from the SAFETY and COMFORT of your home. By using Better Deals Africa to advertise and sell your products, you will no longer have to worry about creating your own website or figuring out how to receive payments from persons in different parts of the country. We have already done the work for you! All you need to do is simply subscribe for a Seller's package based on the size of your business and how much items you wish to sell, and upload your pictures and you are on your way to making that MONEY! 

Sellers will be required to ship all items using EMS (or personal delivery depending on location) and provide the Buyers with the tracking information for their items. You can sell anything that is not found in the Prohibited Items list located in the Terms and Conditions. You can sell anything from cakes and pies to clothes and shoes and even cars and houses! Everyone is welcomed to Sell on Better Deals Africa, as long as you obey the rules. 
At Better Deals Africa, we insist on three main qualities for anyone wishing to use our platform to sell their items:

  • Honesty - Always be truthful in your transactions, especially when communicating with customers. After all, without your customers you have no business. 

  • Accuracy - When selling items, always provide clear pictures of the exact product to be sold (especially if it is a used item), and provide an exact description as well. 

  • Reliability - When a Buyer pays for an item, you are obligated to ship/deliver the item to the Buyer. Better Deals Africa will NOT tolerate delinquent or unreliable Sellers on our platform. Appropriate action will be taken against such. 

When you sell stuff online you aren't limited by time or distance. All you need is an Internet connection and you're instantly in touch with millions of people who are actively looking for what you are selling. With a yard sale or a market you might be lucky to get a few customers, but when you advertise on Betterdealsafrica.com you can reach thousands, even millions in a day.

 To succeed at selling online, it takes a little more than just a quick description and post. You need to capture your audience's attention, and that takes communication with them through serious posting and advertising via Betterdealsafrica.com done for you for a token. Start with the description; it's a great way to clarify things like size and technical specifications. Don't forget the pictures; they are key for how to sell online. 

Good pictures show potential buyers exactly what you have to offer, not the general details but the specifics of the one you're selling. Photographs bring your item's history to life and let bidders see exactly what you're selling. This works whether you are selling clothes or electronics because people want to see what they're getting.

 Let them see the shoes, the tablet, cars watches etc your words may provide the details, but your choice of pictures is the tool you can use to capture their attention. Welcome to Betterdealsafrica and we wish a great luck in whatever you may put on to sell.