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How It Works

Better Deals Africa, is  an online e-commerce platform that facilitate transactions between sellers and buyers to advertise on a marketplace platform  that allow anyone to own a store with your business or personal  name to sell online within continent of Africa. It's a powerful tool for establishing a good relationship with your customer and earning repeated business patronage  across the  continent  of Africa online.

Below are steps to follow to become a seller on this platform;

1.  Think of  a business name you want to give your online store. After you have your name in mind,  be sure it is registered with your government  if your are a public company, Sole proprietors can use their real name to sell online.

2. Go to betterdealsafrica.com click on "seller register here link" at top right corner on the site you will see a vendor registration page. Register and open a seller account with your full name, preferred store name, contact phone number, contact address and email address.

After You have registered you are advise to go back and check your email address you use to register the message will either come into your email inbox or spam,  we will send you a verification email there, You have to click on the link send to you from the registration page instructing you to verify your email, click on the link and validate your email.

After validation, your account will be activated. Next you have to login and go down your login page and click on [Price Plan] or [Start Selling Link].

On that page choose a free subscription plan and click submit the page. After submission, your vendor account will be activated and ready for you to upload product image into your online store.

If you do not follow this steps outline above, you will not be able to upload products into your store online.

3.) How To Upload Products From Mobile Phone Online
After complete your registration process, here are further  steps you must take to successfully upload products into your store and sell on betterdealsafrica.com

A.) Login into your account, At the left bottom of your login page you will see a link {Price Plan} click on this link and choose a free Subscription plan and click on submit the page.  After submit the page you will see a message display {Your vendor account is successfully activated }.

B.) Then click on vendor panel, on this page if you are using [MOBILE PHONE] you will see three white line bars at the top left corner of your phone click on the white line bars, then you will see [PRODUCT LINK] click on it, then you will see "Add new Product" then click on {Add New Product } on the page you will see three table [PHYSICAL, DIGITAL AND LICENSE}. 

C.) Click on {Physical} the page will take you to the product details page on that page enter your product name and upload the right image size of the product as stated below that you want to sell online and then enter all the details information's you think your customer's will need to make a decision to buy your product online.

4.) Products Image size and weight
The best image size allowed to upload into any seller store must be in square form [300 x 300] and the maximum weight of each product image must be between {5kb- 25kb].
{Warning if you upload any item more than this size and weight on your store, your product will be automatically deleted.}

After you have enter all the details click on submit and then our site admin will verify your product and approve it to display on our site for your potentials customers.

4b.) Setting Product Price:
Seller are advised to convert their product price into USD  and enter the conversion rate into their product page. For example if seller in Nigeria has product that cost {1000 Naira}, the seller will enter 2.58 USD as his or her product selling price and the product price will display to all buyer in his or her local currency at any location in Africa.

 5.) Payment to Seller:
Our approved payment method is "SolvePay" and "Cash On Delivery" (COD) This tools has be installed tested and trusted in all checkout pages. We advised that all buyers to this payment option for transaction settlement to our seller in Africa. If a buyer is not in the same city or location as a seller, verified seller can send their bank information to their customer to credit their account and then ship the product to buyer. Any seller who violate this trust will  have  his or her account closed and the seller information will be hand over to the law enforcement authority.

6.) Our platform has been equipped with all the tools your may need to succeed online, betterdealsafrica.com will show your products to everyone users on the web in your country and all countries in the continent of Africa

7.) Notice: Anyone wishing to sell online must choose a free subscription plan first before they can be allow to upload any product into their store online.

8.)  How To Sell Product:

As a seller on this platform, The best available method to receive payment online is through SolvePay.com and COD meaning ( Cash On Delivery)whenever a buyer select  any product from your store on this platform and checkout, the buyer will be ask to choose payment option to pay the Seller.

The buyer must choose COD  payment option on the checkout page,  after the buyer placed order by click checkout, You the Seller will get an automatic email that your store have received {NEW ORDER}.

After seller received new order email, he or she is required to immediately login to his or her Seller account on our platform. look at the order details request.

For Seller to complete selling process the ordered item must pass through  three stages namely : PENDING ORDER, PROCESSING ORDER, DECLINE ORDER, AND COMPLETED ORDER.


Seller must login into his or her vendor panel and view the product order  and also view the pre-payment {COD}receipt a buyer used on your store, the seller is require to send email to the buyer from the pending order page to ask the buyer If the buyer is in the same city and he or she can come to your store, seller are advise to inform the buyer to come with his or her {COD} pre-payment receipt and pay cash and pick the product. If buyer come to the store and pick the order the seller is required to login back into his or her vendor account and change order status from PENDING --TO--PROCESSING --TO-- COMPLETED. In all this stages buyer will always get automatic email  as seller changes order status.


If the buyer cannot come to your store or he or she is in another city from the Seller store. Seller are  advised to send his or her  bank account number to the buyer to credit seller account with the same price figure of the product selected from online store. After your account has been credited by your buyer. login into your Seller account and change the product order status from {PENDING --TO -- PROCESSING}

Then You are required as a seller to pick the same product with exact description on your site and take  it to the EMS Shipping service centre near you with your buyer full name and shipping address  that the buyer enter on his or her {COD}checkout page.

Our platform allow seller to enter his or her own shipping cost in addition to product price on the ADD PRODUCT page from  the vendor panel. the total cost of shipping and product price cost will be automatic calculated and add to product overall cost  and total product price cost will be on display to buyer on the {COD } final checkout page.

If an order require shipping, Seller are advised to contact nearest  (EMS office) local agent are always available to provide you details accurate information such as; shipping cost and time frame for delivery within country and the continent of Africa countries. All seller need this  important information so that you can communicate the right and accurate information to your customers about shipments for product purchased in your store at betterdealsafrica.com

 After product has been process for shipping by local EMS agent Seller will be issue a tracking shipping number for the item you intend to ship-out , You as a Seller is required to  login into your vendor page and click on pending order link, select [send email ] to buyer then enter buyer email address on that page  and also enter the EMS shipping tracking number on that page with subject :{product shipping tracking Number}.

After your buyer have received your product and you get email that order has been successfully delivered to your customer address, You are require to login back into your vendor account and change the status of  the order from {PROCESSING ---TO---Order COMPLETED}

Talking tips: To be successful in anything in life,
Good customer reviews on our platform will earn you as a seller a lot  of benefits at the end of  every year from betterdealsafrica.com. We want you to succeed in life to be able to take care of your self, worker and families. If you master how to sell pretty well online you will  be glad to be a seller on our platform. We have all tools that will help you to succeed online installed.
Once again thank you for be a member on our platform feel free to contact us anytime you need help regarding activity on this platform.

We are currently working on another payment gateway that will allow our sellers' to receive direct online payment from buyers from any African countries coming soon...............


When we developed this platform we put in place the best security measure that guaranteed our buyer 100% Safety in any transaction on our platform. No seller or buyer can conduct any successful fraud scheme on our platform.  We have in place advance software algorithm that detect, separate and cancel any fraudulent transaction on our platform instantly. Also we are close to our sellers like a next door neighbour so our buyer's money is 100% safe on our platform.

As a buyer, first register, After your registration, select the product you wish to buy, after selection the page will show you all details about the item you wish to buy. On the product page select {ADD TO CART} After your item has been added to the cart, click on it and the page will take you to checkout page, on this page you will be ask to select payment option , As a buyer selection {COD} meaning [Cash On Delivery].

After you click checkout the page will display your pre-order items list and pre-payment receipt, after that, the buyer must contact seller if buyer cannot go to the store to pick-up the item ordered and pay. When a buyer contact a Seller he or she can ask for account number to pay the exact price of the product after buyer has paid to the seller, Buyer is require to send copy of bank transaction receipt to the seller for Payment verification. Our seller will not send product to buyer if product price has not be paid to seller bank account and fully verified.

After payment has been completed, Seller will ship the product to buyer in a situation the customer cannot come to the store to pick-up and pay in store  or the customer is in another city different from seller. If product is shipped to buyer the seller must provide customer with tracking number either from EMS or DHL shipping service. All transaction are fully monitored by our online security team.